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Poetry to an ordinary person is just the expression of thoughts but to a literary person poetry is the drops of blood from heart which are expressed through pen on paper in the shape of verses. It has same words as in prose but in different sequence in order to become impressive, direct and meaningful.

Poetry gives relief both to the poet and to the readers. When heart is hurt, blood starts bleeding and in this condition the pen of poet can give relief to him while writing impressive and innocent thoughts. The burden of heart is released by exposing it to others. The readers get pleasure when they read the verses filled to their atmosphere and environment. If the thoughts of poet coincide with the views of readers, they will become happy and joyful. This is why a sad person will like to listen woeful songs while a happy person will try to hear sweet and cheerful melodies. But the impression of sad poetry is greater than that of pleasant poetry. Poetry, thus, is considered the means of relief and rest.

Poets are the most sensitive people of the world. They observe the universe with attention and have, thus, impressions on mind. Then they give a new sequence to these impressions of worldly things with the health of natural-gifted powers of imagination. These impressions when expressed on papers, get the form of poetry.

Poetry is considered of high standard if a delicate idea is expressed in beautiful and appropriate words. The theme of poetry is like the body of human being while the beautiful words are like its garments.

To sum up, poetry though, is the way of expressing thoughts but these thoughts are of high value having the power to give relief to the poet and to the readers. These thoughts when come from mind, have the pain of bleeding heart.



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Ah fill the vacuum,

You dancing spirit.

He hesitate not,

Break the shell.

Let the tide not reside

sail to me,

Strike against the shore;

fear not the collision,

a voluptuous embrace,

resolves the tension

Fill the vacuum!

You dancing spirit.

Raise the storm,

Show power,

remove the sand;

trace the Unity,

an eternal bless.

Defeat the time,

reach the clime.

Earth blames.

Heaven’s claim.

Life fades,

a false shape

Leave! Leave!

You dancing spirit!

Pierce the soul,

Fulfil the claim